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Fri, Apr 04 | 7:00 PM
UW Chazen Museum of Art
Mon, Apr 07 | 2:00 PM
Sundance Cinema 5

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USA | 2014 | 72 min | DCP
narrative | section: Wisconsin’s Own, New American Cinema
plays in: Sabbatical

directed by: Brandon Colvin
producer: Brandon Colvin, Tony Oswald, Michael Sellers
editor: Tony Oswald
screenwriter: Brandon Colvin
cinematogapher: Aaron Granat
cast: Robert Longstreet, Rhoda Griffis, Kentucker Audley, Rebecca Koon, Thomas Jay Ryan, Frank Mosley, Charlotte Sweet
Returning home to care for his mother as she recovers from a stroke, middle-aged academic Ben Hardin (Robert Longstreet) initially attempts to work on a new book and haltingly reconnects with his ex, Sarah (Rhoda Griffis). He becomes increasingly unmoored, however, as he slowly confronts the tensions and fractures in his relationships with Sarah, mother Elizabeth (Rebecca Koon), and brother Dylan (Kentucker Audley). Writer/director Brandon Colvin (whose debut feature, Frames, premiered at the 2012 Wisconsin Film Festival) imbues his deceptively simple story with a remarkable sense of formal control. An unapologetically rigorous work, Sabbatical invites the viewer to scan its elegantly-composed long takes for subterranean emotional flickers and subtle interpersonal shifts. These small moments form a portrait of dislocation and ennui whose full impact becomes revealed only in its devastating final moments-a familial reckoning that does not mend old wounds so much as acknowledge how deep the scars run.

- MC
Scheduled to attend: Brandon Colvin, Robert Longstreet, Aaron Granat, Tony Oswald

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