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Comrade Kim Goes Flying
Belgium, North Korea, United Kingdom | 2012 | 83 min | DCP |
In Korean with English subtitles

narrative | section: New International Cinema
Midwest Premiere

directed by: Kim Gwan Hun, Nicholas Bonner, Anja Daelemans
writer: Sik Sin-myong, Kim Chol
cinematography: Hwang Jin-sok
music: Ham Chol, Frederik Van de Moortel
producer: Anja Daelemans, Nicholas Bonner, Ryom Mi-hwa
editor: Alain Dessauvage, Kim Yun-sim, Gao Bing, Ren Jia
cast:: Han Jong-sim, Pak Chung-guk, Ri Yong-ho
A cheery, lighthearted romantic comedy, Comrade Kim Goes Flying offers North American viewers the rare opportunity to see a film shot entirely inside North Korea. This Western-financed feature made by an international team of directors tells the classic success story of Kim Young-mi, a pretty, resourceful, and athletic young coal miner from a small village who dreams of joining the national circus as a trapeze artist even though she’s afraid of heights! Promoted within her company and sent to the capital, Pyongyang, on business, Kim seizes the opportunity to join the performing troupe. Faced with overcoming her acrophobia, Kim finds help from the reigning star of the circus, who is won over by Kim’s klutzy, but charming personality.

Though it took several years to be brought to the screen, this is not a movie that weighs you down with the historical importance of its difficult production history. Suffused with bright, sun-shiney colors, Comrade Kim will surprise you with its presentation of a contemporary world that seems perfectly in step with upbeat 1950s Hollywood biopics.

- Jim Healy
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