Sat, Apr 13 | 9:15 PM
UW Chazen Museum of Art

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La méduse rouge
USA | 2013 | 100 min | HD projection
narrative | section: Wisconsin’s Own
World Premiere

directed by: Michael Wellenreiter
writer: Adam Carrigan, Michael Wellenreiter
cinematography: Matthew Lyons
music: Julian Grefe, Thomas Roland
producer: Michael Wellenreiter
editor: Michael Wellenreiter
cast: Adam Carrigan, Nikiya Palombi, Steven J. Klaszky, Michael D. Robinson II, Frank Sellers
In perhaps the strangest, most “out there” movie you’ll find being offered at this year’s Festival, young billionaire Carl Jorstad (played by co-scenarist and production designer Adam Carrigan) finds himself stripped of his influence after he steals the title creature, a rare, red-glowing jellyfish. The much sought after object of a mysterious and masochistic Illuminati-type group of ultra-rich business leaders, La méduse rouge casts a spell on everyone who encounters it and may even be responsible for the apocalyptic happenings on the planet. Undaunted by this bizarre cosmic phenomena, Carl sets out on a quest for revenge against those who wronged him. Filled with surreal, carefully composed imagery and peppered with violent fight sequences, the hypnotically weird La méduse rouge is what a Chuck Norris vehicle directed by David Lynch might look like. The talented Philadelphia based co-writer and director Michael Wellenreiter is a native of Waupun, Wisconsin and a graduate of the Communication Arts Department at UW Madison.
Director/co-screenwriter Michael Wellenreiter and co-screenwriter/production designer/actor Adam Carrigan scheduled to attend.

- Jim Healy
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