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Fri, Apr 04 | 6:45 PM
UW Cinematheque
Sun, Apr 06 | 3:15 PM
UW Chazen Museum of Art

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Shooter and Whitley
USA | 2014 | 52 min | HD projection
experimental | section: Wisconsin’s Own, New American Cinema
plays in: Shooter and Whitley

directed by: Laura A. Stewart
editor: Laura Stewart
cinematogapher: Kevin Peil, Laura Stewart
cast: Jeffrey Aronson, Whitley Fuss, Lisa Vicenzi
music: Joshua Dumas
Laura Stewart’s quietly stunning fiction-documentary hybrid guides the viewer into the world of an outlaw motorcycle club that has set up shop in greater Green Bay. A milieu at once debauched and curiously regimented, the all-male biker gang travels within a closed-circuit of motel-room hook-ups, saloon loitering, and freeway sojourns past the hollowed-out shells of dying industrial complexes, while the women in their lives alternate between the roles of prostitute, partner, and barroom confidante. At the center of this singular universe, we find aging club-leader Shooter and his twenty-something girlfriend, Whitley, a seemingly incongruous relationship that becomes more thorny, knowing, and emotionally-tangled as the film progresses. The brilliance of Shooter and Whitley comes from Stewart’s miraculous balance of distanced observation and hard-won empathy for her subjects, particularly the ambivalent and often-eloquent Whitley. Shot on gorgeously grainy 16mm, the film’s almost-obsessive cycling between the bare-bones Sky Lit Motel and dingy Bourbon Street bar both underscore the deadening nature of the gang’s routines and find a broken-down poetry within the sites themselves. And when Shooter and especially Whitley reflect in voiceover upon their hard living habits and dark pasts, Shooter and Whitley allows them the space to voice thoughts and feelings by turns shocking, forlorn, and strikingly self-aware. Stewart reveals the depths of her artistry in the way she forthrightly chronicles these realities while candidly illuminating the dreams of her protagonists-dreams as vivid and flickering as a neon sign beckoning from across another lonesome highway. Shooter and Whitley> will be preceded by a quartet of Laura Stewart’s equally evocative avant-garde short films.

- MC
Scheduled to attend: Laura Stewart

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