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Sat, Apr 11 | 12:15 PM
UW Chazen Museum of Art

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Five Corners
USA, United Kingdom | 1987 | 90 min | 35mm
narrative | section: Restorations and Rediscoveries
Premiere Status: Special Presentation

directed by: Tony Bill
writer: John Patrick Shanley
cinematographer: Fred Murphy
editing: Andy Blumenthal
music: James Newton Howard
executive producer: George Harrison, Denis O'Brien
producer: Tony Bill, Forrest Murray
cast: Jodie Foster, Tim Robbins, John Turturro, Todd Graff, Elizabeth Berridge, Rose Gregorio
The Bronx, 1964. At the height of the Civil Rights movement, Heinz (John Turturro) returns to his working class neighborhood after doing prison time for the attempted rape of Linda (Jodie Foster), who was protected by the idealist Harry (Tim Robbins). Over two days, these individuals find their lives entwined again and, as the country confronts violence and surprising changes, so do our three main characters. A moving and unpredictable sleeper of a movie, Five Corners represents the first filmed screenplay of the noted playwright John Patrick Shanley, although it was released after Shanley won his Oscar for his Moonstruck script. The film is a personal favorite of veteran actor Kevin Corrigan, whose latest movie, Results, is one of our Opening Night selections this year. About Five Corners, he writes: "I grew up in the Bronx, as my parents did before me. Of course, it has a reputation for being a tough place. It’s tempting to say I "survived" my upbringing there, but it inspired me to act, and express myself. It made me want to stand for something. I have a romantic longing for it now, the streets, the friendships, the adventures. And misadventures. FIVE CORNERS captures the texture and the atmosphere of those things. Naturally it depends on where one grows up, but sometimes we wear our heritage, our upbringing, like a badge of honor. For me, the nature of my own feelings for the Bronx are tied to the idea of New York being a "melting pot", my father being Irish, my mother Puerto Rican. Something romantic about believing (or wanting to believe) in the potential for diverse backgrounds to converge, for love and acceptance to prevail--which is pretty big dream, but a noble one harbored by Harry, who seeks to honor his murdered father by renouncing his own violent past and loving and helping people. His need to change and grow is the heart of this movie." Kevin Corrigan will be on hand to introduce this screening of a rare 35mm print of Five Corners, provided by director Tony Bill.

- Jim Healy
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